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Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455501321 14/02/2019 Sale Price: Price: $89.00 You Save:

Corporations Legislation 2019 contains the Corporations Act 2001 , Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 and associated Acts and Regulations... more

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234397 18/12/2017 Sale Price: $143.20 Price: $178.99 Save: $35.79 (20%)

The discussion of the duties and liabilities involved in directing and managing bodies corporate to date has generally been limited to the duties imposed by the common law on company directors (and the.. more

By Sean Fitzgerald, Graham Muth
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414054967 24/10/2017 Sale Price: $190.80 Price: $477.00 Save: $286.20 (60%)

Shareholders' Agreements provides practical guidance on the nature and effect of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association... more

By Christian Pilkington
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414056954 24/07/2017 Sale Price: $236.40 Price: $591.00 Save: $354.60 (60%)

Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring provides in-depth guidance on the legal principles, formal procedures and practical issues which underpin the use of schemes of arrangements in complex.. more

By Madeleine Cordes, John Pugh-Smith, Samar Abbas, James Burton, Geraldine Caulfield, Jonathan Darby, Robin Waghorn, Paul Martin
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414063723 24/07/2017 Sale Price: $194.00 Price: $485.00 Save: $291.00 (60%)

Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings is a leading resource on the law and practice of both company and local authority meetings, providing a complete statement of the law with detailed practical.. more

S & M Asia Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Book 9789626616062 13/08/2015 Sale Price: Price: $471.00 You Save:

Mergers & Acquisitions activity in China continues to grow and outstrip any other foreign investment around the world... more

Book 9780414035225 05/08/2015 Sale Price: $164.40 Price: $411.00 Save: $246.60 (60%)

The new 2nd edition of Shareholders Rights – Jurisdictional Comparisons is the essential reference guide for corporations, financial institutions, legal professionals and investors seeking to understand.. more

By Vicky Comino
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234816 11/03/2015 Sale Price: $60.80 Price: $152.00 Save: $91.20 (60%)

"The central focus of Australia's "Company Law Watchdog": ASIC and Corporate Regulation is the issue of ASIC’s effectiveness, and most importantly, how it might be made more effective... more

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414034914 21/11/2014 Sale Price: $133.60 Price: $167.00 Save: $33.40 (20%)

This is the First Supplement updating the Fourth Edition of Data Protection Law and Practice by Rosemary Jay... more

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414034921 21/11/2014 Sale Price: $639.20 Price: $799.00 Save: $159.80 (20%)

Data Protection Law and Practice provides a comprehensive review of data protection law in the UK plus the EU background to the law... more

Book 9780779861309 28/08/2014 Sale Price: Price: $167.00 You Save:

Comprehensive in scope, it contains everything you need to interpret and apply federal access to information and privacy legislation... more

Book 9780414030978 21/08/2014 Sale Price: Price: $507.00 You Save:

This book presents a practical guide to corporate governance best practice as it applies to publicly quoted and some private companies, as well as the public and not-for-profit sectors... more

Book 9780779860685 20/02/2014 Sale Price: $31.20 Price: $78.00 Save: $46.80 (60%)

This book provides guidance to the owners and managers of private companies on how to deal with the many challenges they experience when establishing, operating and financing their companies... more

Book 9780779856831 10/01/2014 Sale Price: Price: $147.00 You Save:

Since the financial crisis in 2008, best practices for corporate governance of financial institutions have significantly evolved, and international regulators have placed a greater emphasis on corporate.. more

By Gillian North
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455230405 21/12/2012 Sale Price: $66.40 Price: $165.99 Save: $99.59 (60%)

Companies face increasing risk with rising shareholder claims for breaches of the continuous disclosure laws... more

By Eilis Magner
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455229423 26/10/2012 Sale Price: $66.40 Price: $165.99 Save: $99.59 (60%)

Joske's Law and Procedure at Meetings in Australia 11 th Edition explores the various sources of law that govern meetings in Australia: common law, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and statutory law.. more

By Geoffrey Kiel, Gavin Nicholson, Jennifer Ann Tunny, James Beck
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780864607805 17/09/2012 Sale Price: $56.00 Price: $140.00 Save: $84.00 (60%)

Directors at Work: A Practical Guide for Boards is a practical tool for directors and boards looking to implement leading practice corporate governance in their organisations... more

By Brian McDonnell
Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414026988 11/09/2012 Sale Price: Price: $422.00 You Save:

The book addresses the law and regulation with respect to inside information found in FSMA, the FSA Handbook, various exchange rules, the Takeover Code and civil and criminal law... more

By James O'Donovan
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455230283 21/12/2011 Sale Price: $82.00 Price: $205.00 Save: $123.00 (60%)

Voluntary administration has played a dominant role in corporate insolvency law and practice since its inception in 1992... more

By Margaret Jackson, Marita Shelly
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455227399 30/11/2011 Sale Price: $78.00 Price: $195.00 Save: $117.00 (60%)

" excellent overview and quick reference guide... more

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