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By Chris Evans, Ann Kayis-Kumar, Tim Russell
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780864697882 11/10/2019 Sale Price: $173.70 Price: $193.00 Save: $19.30 (10%)

Authored by Chris Evans, Ann Kayis-Kumar and Tim Russell, the Australian CGT Handbook 2019-20 continues to be a well-respected capital gains tax guide, offering a comprehensive coverage of the.. more

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234694 23/03/2016 Sale Price: $38.40 Price: $96.00 Save: $57.60 (60%)

Interlocutory Criminal Appeals in Australia is a guide to the law and practice relating to appeals prior to or during a criminal trial... more

Book 9780455236117 22/12/2015 Sale Price: $52.40 Price: $131.00 Save: $78.60 (60%)

Environmental law is a dynamic area where active parliaments and courts generate a complex and interconnected web of legislation and regulations... more

By James O'Donovan, Vicky Priskich
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455225555 21/12/2015 Sale Price: $92.00 Price: $230.00 Save: $138.00 (60%)

"Lender Liability" is a guide to the potential liabilities facing a lender and the associated risks as well as the responsibilities and rights of lenders and consumers... more

By Bernard Cairns, Bridget Cullen, The Hon Justice David Thomas
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455237015 07/12/2015 Sale Price: $80.80 Price: $202.00 Save: $121.20 (60%)

Uniform Civil Procedure Queensland is the one essential book you need to take to Court, featuring the full Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld) along with detailed annotations from our practitioner.. more

By Justin Carter
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455237534 30/11/2015 Sale Price: $72.80 Price: $182.00 Save: $109.20 (60%)

Native Title and Land Law - The Laws of Australia provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of common law principles relating to, and the statutory regulation of native title and land law in Australia... more

By David Rolph
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455228570 18/11/2015 Sale Price: $94.80 Price: $237.00 Save: $142.20 (60%)

Defamation Law by David Rolph provides a comprehensive, up-to-date account of Australian defamation law... more

By Greg Connellan, Kerryn Cockroft, Kyle McDonald
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236537 25/08/2015 Sale Price: $90.40 Price: $226.00 Save: $135.60 (60%)

Road Safety Law Victoria is an essential resource for legal practitioners and police, assisting those who have responsibility for prosecuting or defending road and traffic offences in Victoria... more

By Arjun Chhabra
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455236353 30/07/2015 Sale Price: $64.40 Price: $161.00 Save: $96.60 (60%)

“Chhabra has crafted a very practical book to help practitioners navigate through the ... more

By Marcus Jacobs QC
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455235011 26/06/2015 Sale Price: $124.00 Price: $310.00 Save: $186.00 (60%)

The Law of Compulsory Land Acquisition Second Edition, by the late Marcus Jacobs QC, is the most comprehensive text on the subject of land resumption in Australia... more

By Vicky Comino
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234816 11/03/2015 Sale Price: $64.00 Price: $160.00 Save: $96.00 (60%)

"The central focus of Australia's "Company Law Watchdog": ASIC and Corporate Regulation is the issue of ASIC’s effectiveness, and most importantly, how it might be made more effective... more

By Stephen Tully
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234069 15/01/2015 Sale Price: $79.20 Price: $198.00 Save: $118.80 (60%)

The International Law Practice Manual provides accessible guidance on a range of international legal materials, which illustrates how they can be used to enhance outcomes for Australian legal practitioners,.. more

By Jason Taliadoros, Sharon Erbacher
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455235424 31/10/2014 Sale Price: $84.80 Price: $212.00 Save: $127.20 (60%)

The modern law of restitution is a common law doctrine derived from the law of quasi-contract, which aims to prevent or reverse unjust enrichment... more

By Joseph Veneziano
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455235448 20/10/2014 Sale Price: $82.80 Price: $207.00 Save: $124.20 (60%)

Insurance - The Laws of Australia provides insurance practitioners, insurance companies and students with a principles-based, practical guide to insurance law in Australia... more

By Daniel Clough
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234786 01/08/2014 Sale Price: $76.40 Price: $191.00 Save: $114.60 (60%)

Competition law, sometimes known as the law of restrictive trade practices or antitrust law, is complex and dynamic... more

By Mark Robinson
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455234113 10/06/2014 Sale Price: $80.40 Price: $201.00 Save: $120.60 (60%)

Judicial review is an expanding and constantly evolving area of law... more

By Matt Harvey, Vicki Waye
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455230573 19/12/2013 Sale Price: $39.20 Price: $98.00 Save: $58.80 (60%)

Wine is a special agricultural commodity that has been characterised as a symphony of romance, civilization, culture and rural artisanship... more

By Peter Knight
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455230870 21/11/2013 Sale Price: $81.21 Price: $203.01 Save: $121.80 (60%)

Copyright: The Laws of Australia provides a comprehensive analysis of the core principles of copyright which are relevant to all Australian practitioners... more

By I C F Spry
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455232874 21/11/2013 Sale Price: $240.80 Price: $602.00 Save: $361.20 (60%)

Equitable Remedies is a work of the highest international standing and the common law authority on remedies in equity... more

By Elise Bant, Michael Bryan
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
Book 9780455231815 25/09/2013 Sale Price: $98.00 Price: $245.00 Save: $147.00 (60%)

Recent years have seen many significant cases decided across the common law world in which courts have directly grappled with important and difficult issues concerning proprietary remedies (such as the.. more

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