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By Susan Lightstone, Ronda Bessner
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779880720 11/10/2017 Sale Price: Price: $169.60 You Save:

Public inquiries have significantly shaped public policy in Canada... more

Book 9780779863327 30/05/2014 Sale Price: Price: $302.40 You Save:

This text provides readers with a concise statement of the principles of administrative law... more

By Bernard Funston, Eugene Meehan
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779855407 30/09/2013 Sale Price: Price: $143.10 You Save:

Canada’s Constitutional Law in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition is a handy resource when you need a quick answer to a question on administrative or constitutional law... more

By Ken Cooper-Stephenson
Carswell, Canada
Book 9780779855070 30/09/2013 Sale Price: Price: $269.24 You Save:

Constitutional Damages Worldwide explores, in detail, the elements and sub-issues that arise in constitutional damages claims as well as addressing the theoretical basis for the claims... more

Book 9780888044884 01/04/2009 Sale Price: Price: $186.56 You Save:

This is a ground breaking, hands-on guide to conducting investigations of any kind, including regulatory, compliance, workplace, insurance, human rights, harassment, health and safety, police and military.. more

By Peter Hogg QC
Carswell, Canada
Looseleaf 30113386 15/06/1995 Sale Price: Price: $1,235.96 You Save:

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Constitutional Law of Canada Looseleaf Edition

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This two volume looseleaf is the definitive work on Canadian constitutional law, written by a respected constitutional law scholar, this service thoroughly analyses all aspects of the subject, including:.. more

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