World Insolvency Systems: A Comparative Study

World Insolvency Systems: A Comparative Study

By Otto Eduardo Fonseca Lobo


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Date: 30/06/2009

Code: 9780779822287

Carswell, Canada

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World Insolvency Systems: A Comparative Study

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Book World Insolvency Systems: A Comparative Study 30/06/2009 9780779822287 N/A


This is a comparative study of 17 jurisdictions in insolvency and bankruptcy related matters. Each individual jurisdiction is authored by an authority in that jurisdiction.
  • Preface
  • The Authors
  • Australia: Insolvency Law in Australia. Liquidation Procedures. Receivership. Criminal Law Aspects (Offenses).
  • Belgium: Belgian Insolvency Law.
  • Brazil: The Brazilian Bankruptcy Code.
  • British Virgin Islands: Insolvency Law in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Canada: The Canadian Perspective to “Formal” Restructuring-Insolvency. Legislation.
  • Cyprus: Bankruptcy and Insolvency.
  • France: Insolvency Law. Payment Failute Situation. Description of French Collective Insolvency Proceedings.
  • Germany: German Insolvency Statute (InsO).
  • Gibraltar.
  • India: Insolvency Laws in India.
  • Italy: Insolvency Regulations in Italy.
  • Mexico.
  • New Zealand
  • Russia: Overview of Russian Insolvency Law.
  • Spain.
  • Switzerland.
  • United States of America: An Overview of the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Practice in the United States.
Jurisdiction: International

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