Workplace Legislation 2006-2010 CD Archive

Workplace Legislation 2006-2010 CD Archive


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Date: 01/11/2010

Code: 30118388

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Workplace Legislation 2006-2010 CD Archive

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CD Workplace Legislation 2006-2010 CD Archive 01/11/2010 30118388 N/A


Published editions of a key Thomson Reuters legislation book title are offered as a CD-ROM archive. This special release combines easy access to published editions with the benefit of digital searching across PDF files.

The CD archive offers users benefits including the ability to:
•   Acquire a library of point-in-time legislation editions otherwise in danger of being lost.
•   Access relevant year legislation files quickly and seamlessly.
•   Free up shelf space and replace missing editions.

The Workplace Legislation 2006-2010 CD Archive contains PDF files of:
•   Fair Work Legislation 2010
•   Fair Work Legislation 2009
•   Workplace Relations Legislation 2008 – Forward with Fairness Edition
•   Workplace Relations Legislation 2007
•   2006 Workplace Relations Legislation comprises: 
      - Workchoices Advance Consolidation 
      - Workplace Relations Act 1996 Former Provisions 
      - Workplace Relations Act 1996 Renumbered
      - Workplace Relations Regulations (March)
      - Workplace Relations Regulations – Revised (August)

Other Thomson Reuters archive collections of key legislation book titles are also available on CD-ROM.

* The 30 day money-back provision under clause 6 of the Conditions of Sale is not available to you in respect of this product i.e. the purchase of this CD-ROM product is non-refundable.

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