Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe 4th Edition

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe 4th Edition

By Guy Tritton


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Date: 30/11/2014

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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  • Unrivalled coverage of patents, copyright, designs, trademarks and plant varieties at an international regional and European Union level
  • Considers the practical dimensions of each, as well as the substantive law
  • Discusses each subject area in general European terms
  • Provides expert commentary on the practical aspects of intellectual property, such as implementation, licensing, franchising, joint ventures and enforcement
  • Examines intellectual property and competition law, highlighting ways in which the two areas overlap
  • Considers interaction of national law and EU law including “Euro defences” and jurisdiction
  • Cited extensively in papers, books and articles including in Advocate-General’s Opinions and is the main used by a number of university intellectual property courses run in the European Union


  • Extensive and up-to-date review of EU and EPO case law and legislation in all areas of intellectual property law In-depth examination of the various functions of trade marks
  • Up-to-date detailed consideration of block exemptions including the very recent Technology Transfer Block Exemption
  • Examines implications of new EU patent and Unified Patent Court Whole new chapter on “Euro-Defences” to intellectual property actions Major overhaul of jurisdiction chapter

Table of Contents

  • Introduction Patents in Europe
  • Trade Marks in Europe
  • Copyright in Europe
  • Design Protection in Europe
  • Plant Variety Rights in Europe
  • Intellectual Property and Free Movement of Goods
  • Intellectual Property and Article 101
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Licence
  • Intellectual Property and Horizontal Agreements
  • Intellectual Property and Vertical Agreements
  • Abuse of a Dominant Position
  • Enforcement of Competition Law in European Union
  • Euro-Defences in Intellectual Property Actions
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and Border Controls
  • Jurisdiction and Intellectual Property


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