The Essential SMSF Guide 2017-18 Book+eBook

The Essential SMSF Guide 2017-18 Book+eBook

By Tony Negline


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With Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) now comprising well over a third of the total superannuation market, the need for financial planners, accountants and other practitioners to develop an intrinsic understanding of this popular retirement vehicle has become more important than ever.

Endorsed by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, The Essential SMSF Guide 2017-18 is a must have guide for a comprehensive, yet highly practical insight, into the workings and compliance requirements surrounding SMSFs.

The Guide has been specifically designed for trustees, financial planners, accountants, academics and students, and includes a toolkit containing relevant minutes, letters, important ATO documents (such as Tax and Super Determinations, Rulings, Interpretative Decisions and Practice Law Statements) as well as ASIC, APRA and other pertinent documents. All of these documents are included to ensure an efficient and seamless administration process for practitioners.

The 2017-18 edition is completely up-to-date. It also contains many new developments and commentary affecting the SMSF industry, including commentary on the 2017 Federal Budget changes, as well as other key developments.

The Essential SMSF Guide is available on Thomson Reuters' Checkpoint online platform , and is also available as an ebook on Thomson Reuters' Proview eReader.


  • Endorsed by the Institute
  • The toolkit contains relevant minutes, letters, plus a compilation of ATO documents (rulings, determinations, practice statements) in one easy-accessible source
  • Numerous examples and diagrams to help readers understand and apply the law
  • Written in a plain English and conversational manner
  • Readers can choose either book/eBook formats or subscribe to updates in the online format

Table of Contents

1. The historical development of superannuation

2. Comparing superannuation to other investments

3. Regulatory context of superannuation

4. Income tax and superannuation

5. What is an SMSF?

6. SMSF Trust deeds

7. Trustees' duties, powers and rights

8. Disputes with and changing trustees

9. Steps to set up an SMSF

10. The superannuation contribution rules

11. Employer contributions to SMSFs

12. Personal contributions to SMSFs

13. Rollovers and ETPs

14. Taxations of contributions

15. Review of superannuation investment rules

16. Investment strategies and sole purpose test

17. Implications of the in-house assets test

18. Related party transactions

19. Loans, business and SMSFs

20. SMSFs and real property

21. SMSFs, artwork and collectibles

22. Using SMSF reserves

23. Taxation of SMSF income

24. Preserved benefits

25. Payment and taxation of superannuation benefits

26. SMSFs and death

27. Terminal illness, disability and medical traumas

28. SMSFs and business succession

29. SMSFs and bankruptcy

30. Accounting issues and fund records

31. Auditing requirements and annual returns

32. Member statements

33. Disclosure requirements and information

34. Transgressions and penalties

35. SMSFs and GST

36. SMSFs and stamp duty

37. SMSFs and CGT small business concessions

38. The financial planning process

39. Centrelink benefits

40. Designing a pension

41. Payment of a pension

42. Winding up an SMSF

43. Pending and proposed measures


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