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Do you know the ATO’s average work-related deductions for all 449 ATO defined occupations?

Tax Audit Alert knows, and can reduce the risk of an ATO audit.

Tax Audit Alert is an advanced tax software feature that raises ATO audit alerts, specific to an individual client, at the time of entry.

This ATO audit alert technology is a market first and will transform the way you approach tax returns.

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Why do grapes matter? To produce good wine, of course

You don’t want your team to have a bad taste in their mouth because they’ve discovered data inaccuracies. You need confidence that you have quality data for compliance—just like gathering quality grapes to ultimately produce good wine. That’s why ONESOURCE provides a comprehensive offering to cover all of your direct tax needs — accounting for you every step of the way.

Thomson Reuters Proview™

Access your trusted Thomson Reuters content in your office, in meetings and on the go.

Financial Reporting for Not-for-Profits Workshop

Your annual financial statement challenge can be conquered!  Use this day to get detailed and practical information specific to not-for-profit entities. The workshop will focus on the financial statements of NFP companies limited by guarantee, associations and statutory bodies, including applying the Reduced Disclosure Requirements. 

Earn 6.25 CPD points.

Sydney – Monday 14 March 2016
Melbourne – Wednesday 16 March 2016

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Author Profiles: Retirement & Aged Care Living

The authors have drawn on their extensive experience to produce Retirement & Aged Care Living:

Sean Howard: Sean is a Senior Technical Services Manager at Challenger, and has been working in financial services for over 15 years.  He specialises in retirement and aged care planning, and regularly presents at Professional Development days to financial planners.

Rachel Lane: Rachel is the Principal of Aged Care Gurus and has been specialising in aged care for more than a decade.  She regularly facilitates workshops for peak bodies and is often sought by key industry, Government and media professionals for expert comments and advice in this area.

David Williams:  CEO of My Longevity Pty Limited, David has been quoted and has published widely on retirement issues since 1986.  He is in demand as a speaker, writer and adviser on personal and community longevity issues.