Covering Over 75 Expert Witness Fields

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The entire collection of Expert Evidence technical chapters is also available for purchase – click here to find out more. Such a collection is useful worldwide to specialist litigation law firms, prosecuting services, barristers chambers, court libraries, law schools, and forensic science programs.

Expert Evidence is a major subscription based service available in paper and online and is a unique and well respected publication offering comprehensive coverage of over 75 expert witness fields. The full service - click here to find out more - also includes Australian law, practice, procedure and advocacy with extensive cross referencing to overseas law and practice.

The editors of the service are Dr Ian Freckelton QC, a leading member of the Victorian Bar and Hugh Selby, barrister, and advocacy and witness trainer. Contributing experts are drawn from accredited laboratories, respected consultancy firms and highly regarded individual academics and practitioners. Their approach to their topic is international.