Nutshell: Torts 6th Edition

Nutshell: Torts 6th Edition

By Sam Blay


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Date: 15/04/2010

Code: 9780455227603

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The essence of the law…

Lawbook Co. Nutshells are the essential revision tool: they provide a concise outline of the principles for each of the major subject areas within undergraduate law.

Written in clear, straight-forward language, the authors explain the principles, and highlight key cases and legislative provisions for each subject.


Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Tort Liability
2. Sources of Tort Law
3. Intentional Torts to the Person: Trespass
4. Intentional Torts to the Person: Action on the Case for
Physical Injuries or Nervous Shock
5. Intentional Torts to Property: Trespass to Land
6. Intentional Torts to Property: Trespass to Chattels
7. Defences to Intentional Torts
8. Negligence: Duty of Care
9. Negligence: Breach of Duty
10. Negligence: Damage
11. Damages in Torts
12. Contributory Negligence
13. Voluntary Assumption of Risk
14. Multiple Tortfeasors
15. Vicarious Liability
16. Liability of Occupier or Owner of Land
17. Liability of Employer to Employee
18. Product Liability
19. Nuisance
20. Torts in Domestic Relations
21. Strict Liability
22. Deceit
23. Defamation

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