Law of Bank Payments 4e

Law of Bank Payments 4e

By Michael Brindle QC, Raymond Cox QC


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Date: 26/11/2010

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The Law of Bank Payments provides analysis of the practical and legal problems that arise from the making of payments by and through banks. The book:
  • Examines the law relating to the entire range of payment methods currently in use in banking transactions
  • Defines what a payment actually is and looks at money payments
  • Considers payment by funds transfer and internet payments
  • Covers “plastic money” - cheque cards, debit cards, credit cards and charge cards
  • Deals with bills of exchange, payments by cheque, documentary credits and related transactions
  • Covers recent key cases, including those impacting on cheques, recovery of money paid under a mistake and the defences available to the recipient (such as estoppel and change of position), and dishonesty in cases of dishonest assistance and knowing receipt of trust moneys
  • Examines the new proposed EC Directive on Payments ahead of its implementation in 2010
  • Looks at the latest legislative developments, including the Consumer Credit Act 2006, new Banking Code, Money Laundering (Proceeds of Crime Act 2002) and Gambling Act 2005.
Jurisdiction: UK

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