Criminal Process in QLD & WA

Criminal Process in QLD & WA

By Heather Douglas, Kimberly Everton-Moore, Sue Harbidge, Laurie Levy


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Date: 15/06/2010

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Criminal Process in Queensland and Western Australia follows on from its predecessor, Criminal Process in Queensland. The work has been completely revised and expanded to include the jurisdiction of Western Australia.

This well-researched and clearly written book covers the spectrum of criminal process in Queensland and Western Australia, including areas often neglected by other texts, beginning with police investigation procedures, police accountability and charge and bail, through to pre-trial processes, trial, sentencing and appeal. The book also includes a discussion of the role of and response to victims in the criminal justice process.

New material in this edition includes:
• the operation of trials by judge alone;
• discussion of the Queensland Moynihan Review;
• expanded analysis of disclosure;
• examination of recent High Court decisions on the admissibility of confessions made to police;
• inquiry into reversing the onus of proof;
• the change of approach to Attorney-General appeals following R v Lacey; Ex parte Attorney-General; and
• the change in victim compensation under the victim assistance scheme in Queensland.

With its clear and well-structured analysis and easily accessible socio-legal approach, Criminal Process in Queensland and Western Australia will be of great assistance to students, practitioners and those working in related government and non-government organisations.

Table of Contents

1. Proving offences
2. Policing
3. Police accountability
4. Charge and bail
5. Commencing proceedings
6. Committals and indictments
7. Pleas and double jeopardy
8. Trial process
9. Fair trial and abuse of process
10. Legal representation
11. Considerations underlying sentencing
12. Punishment and penalty
13. Appeals
14. Executive pardons, royal prerogatives of mercy and appeals to the High Court
15. Restoring justice

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