Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volume 4 - eBook

Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volume 4 - eBook

By Thomson Reuters Editors

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Forthcoming Release, 07/02/2018

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Book Australian Tax Legislation 2017 Volume 4 (Superannuation) 08/02/2017 9780864699206 N/A
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eBook - ProView Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volume 4 - eBook 07/02/2018 9780864698629 $160.00 Pre-order
eBook - ProView Australian Tax Legislation 2017 Volume 4 (Superannuation) eBook 30/01/2017 9780864699145 $64.00 Add to cart


The Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volume 4 contains all essential superannuation related legislation (including pending legislation) in an easy-to-follow, logical layout.

It consolidates all legislation and amendments in force as at 1 January 2018 and includes history notes to aid interpretation of tax laws. Some of the Acts, Regulations and Extracts reproduced are:

  • Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993
  • Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994
  • Extracts of Income Tax Assessment Act 1997
  • Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992
  • Extracts of Corporations Act 2001 – such as Chapter 7 Financial Services and Markets

Available individually or as part of: 
Australian Tax Legislation 2018 (Vols 1-4)

And in the following formats:

  • eBook on Thomson Reuters' ProView™ eReader
  • Online as part of the complete Australian Income Tax Legislation service


  • Concise history notes for all recent amendments to tax and related legislation
  • Logical, convenient organisation with superannuation index and subsection headings, where appropriate
  • Full Index to find relevant sections and regulations
  • Outstanding clarity of layout and accessibility for users

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