Australian Property Law: Cases & Materials 4th Edition

Australian Property Law: Cases & Materials 4th Edition

By Adrian Bradbrook, Susan MacCallum, Anthony Moore, Scott Grattan, Lynden Griggs


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Date: 27/06/2011

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Australian Property Law Cases and Materials, 4th edition covers the law of real and personal property across all eight jurisdictions that make up the Federation of Australia. This edition has been substantially updated to take account of the burgeoning jurisprudence of property law Australia-wide.

Significant revisions have been made to the following chapters:

  • Foundational concepts of land ownership: tenure, estates, trusts and priorities, which brings together basal material dealing with title to land;
  • Possession, which sets out the basic principles governing possession of goods, possession of land, ownership of goods found on land, and the doctrine of adverse possession;
  • All property interests other than land, including personal property securities, copyright and virtual property;
  • Management of settled estates, trusts and strata and community titles;
  • Housing, including rooming-houses and residential parks; and
  • Land-use agreements, including restrictive and positive covenants.

The Australian Consumer Law, the National Credit Code and the Personal Property (Securities) Act 2005 (Cth) have all been considered, and the following new cases included:

  • AG(CQ) Pty Ltd v A & T Promotions Pty Ltd on priority disputes between equitable interests;
  • Whittlesea City Council v Abbatangelo on adverse possession;
  • Akiba v Queensland (No 2) on native title in territorial waters and property for trading purposes;
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital v Equity Trustees on duties of trustees; and
  • Callow v Rupchev on rights of possession of co-owners.

This text places the law surrounding personal and real property in an engaging context, using examples to reflect current scenarios. It balances legislation and case law with academic comment and law reform consideration, and remains an essential monograph for the study of Australian property law.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Context of Property Law
1. Concept of Property
Part 2 - Title to Goods and Land
2. Foundational Concepts of Land Ownership, Tenures, Estates, Trusts and Priorities
3. Possession
4. Interests in and Title to Goods and Intangibles
5. The Torrens System: The Principle of Indefeasibility
6. Unregistered Interests in Torrens Land: Nature and Priorities
7. Public Lands and Native Title
8. Security interests
Part 3 - Dealings in Land
9. Dispositions
10. Defeasible transactions
Part 4 - Division of Ownership of Land
11. Future Interests and Perpetuities
12. Co-ownership
13. Management where Ownership is Divided
14. Leases
15. Housing
Part 5 - Relations between Neighbouring Landholders
16. Scope and Meaning of Real Property
17. Easements and Profits
18. Freehold Covenants.

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