2016 XYZ MFA Generator - December

2016 XYZ MFA Generator - December

By Daren Yeoh, Jason Ch'ng


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Date: 09/12/2016

Code: 41942767

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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2016 XYZ MFA Generator - December

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CD XYZ Model Financial Accounts - Generator PLUS - June 2017 - CD 28/06/2017 42027820 $1,495.00 Add to cart
CD XYZ Model Financial Accounts - Generator - June 2017 - CD 28/06/2017 42027818 $1,080.00 Add to cart
CD XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator PLUS December 2016 09/12/2016 41942771 $1,485.00 Add to cart
CD 2016 XYZ MFA Generator - December 09/12/2016 41942767 N/A
CD XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator - CD - Subscription 19/06/2013 30130362 N/A
CD XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator PLUS - CD - Subscription 19/06/2013 30120680 N/A
Online XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator - Online (Checkpoint) 19/06/2013 41413005 N/A
Online XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator PLUS - Online (Checkpoint) 19/06/2013 41413006 N/A



If you are familiar with using XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator (see below), or are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective solution to help you prepare financial reports, XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator Plus is the tool for you!

You can now save even more time in preparing financial reports and streamline the process through a simple-to-use interface with the release of the premium tool, XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator Plus.

Containing all the features, new updates and benefits of XYZ Model Financial Accounts GeneratorXYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator Plus offers users a more sophisticated financial reports preparation tool.


  • Users can map financial information from their trial balance directly to the Input worksheet in XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator via a point and click method.
  • Users no longer need to manually input financial information into the Input worksheet of XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator.
  • Once mapping has been set up, users can save the mapping and upload their financial information with the click of a button, eliminating data entry time.
  • Mapping set up in year 1 can also be used in subsequent years.


XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator is a financial statements preparation tool that takes the hard work out of generating compliant financial reports. It is the ideal tool to use in conjunction with the other updates in the XYZ Model Financial Accounts product suite, which has been setting industry standards for over 30 years.

The set-up of each model financial report reflects the templates contained in the 2016 XYZ Model Financial Accounts Volumes 1 & 2 Special & General Purpose Financial Reporting and updates, ensuring your presentation-ready financial reports comply with Australian Accounting Standards and ASIC requirements.

XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator is Excel®-based so users simply need to choose the relevant entity template and key in the data, which will automatically flow through to the relevant worksheets to produce the financial statements and supporting notes.


  • Prior-year comparatives can be automatically populated by rolling over data from the previous year’s XYZ Model Financial Accounts Generator files.
  • Ability to hide notes that are not relevant to your entity.
  • Pop-up commentary and comprehensive user guide to step you through the entire financial report preparation process.
  • Helpful warning messages, with discrepancies highlighted in red and explained in dialogue boxes.
  • Capability for users of Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions to save the financial report directly to PDF.
  • Capacity for users to add their own notes in each of the templates for more flexibility and ease of customisation.
  • Ability to include or exclude reports within each entity template (with the exception of compulsory components, eg Statement of Profit or Loss, Statement of Financial Position and Notes to the Financial Statements).
  • Contents page with automatic referencing to page numbers throughout the Financial Statements.

New in June 2017

  • The addition of a new template – Discretionary Trust (Non-reporting) – designed specifically for preparers of financial reports of such entities.
  • Revised model audit reports for all applicable reporting and non-reporting entities to reflect the recent changes to Australian Auditing Standards as part of the enhanced auditor reporting requirements.
  • Updated note disclosures for new Standards issued but not yet effective, including AASB 1058: Income of Not-for-Profit Entities, as applicable to the Incorporated Association (Reporting) and Not for Profit Entity templates.
  • Increased print margins within all entity templates to enable binding of financial reports.

New in December 2016

  • Revised audit reports in the Incorporated Association (Non-reporting and Reporting), Large (Consolidated and Single Entity), Not for Profit Entity, Public (Consolidated and Single Entity), Small and Unit Trust (Reporting) templates to comply with the requirements of the new and amended Australian Auditing Standards issued by the AUASB late last year and applicable for periods ending on or after 15 December 2016.
  • Updated statements of comprehensive income in the Large (Consolidated), Public (Consolidated) and Public (Single Entity) templates in line with AASB 2015-2’s requirement to separate the share of the other comprehensive income of associates and joint ventures accounted for using the equity method.
  • Increased print margins within all entity templates to enable binding of financial reports.

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